For leaders who want to lead with confidence!

Knowing that your company runs like a well-oiled machine. Always.

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Shulamit Martens

Hi, I am Shulamit!

Founder and CEO of Yonit Consulting Inc.

For over 18 years, I have been working with C-Level leaders and know first hand how overloaded their calendars are. Often doing things that should not even cross their desks.

A vicious cycle ensues First, sleep time is shortened Weekends and weekdays become indistinct. Family time is eliminated. Stress levels rise. Health declines. Life beyond work as well.

Ultimately, your business stalls.

But, a healthy business needs a visionary and resilient leader.

Deshalb ist Yonit Consulting dem Implementieren von Stukturmodellen verschrieben – nach unserer eigenen Methode. which ensure that you will lead with confidence knowing

  • that your processes and systems work seamlessly.
  • that your team is empowered to perform their best.
  • that nimble checks and balances will assure quality and minimize risk.

Sounds amazing? Then [klick] or

As your reliable partner in business, we ensure that you have the right processes, the right systems and right people in place, so everyone does what they do best – including you

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With Focus To Success

As a leader, you are in a tough spot. Expectations are high and so is the pressure to perform. 82% of leaders are mentally and physically exhausted. At the same time, the battles for top talent and the next client are raging. Realising efficiencies, saving time and being present at all times is in demand

No one can keep this up forever.

In the long run, those organizations who blend a human-centric culture with innovative systems and structures will take the lead. This is why support you in strategically going about the following:

Shulamit Martens Office

Email Marketing Prodesses

To lower your risk, E-Mail Marketing is indispensable. It saves you from being without contact data (and consequently leads)

as social media accounts can be closed easily without any recourse or control.

Smart email marketing with sensible processes and tools will ensure taht you can pursue marketing at any time independent of decisions made by social media giants.

Client Experience

Acquiring new clients takes time and effort. Intelligent processes which remain in your client’s mind positively are the ace up your sleeve. Happy clients stay and – most importantly – will recommend you!

Let’s start now! With that there won’t be a shadow of a doubt as to who your clients will call up whenever they need what you offer.

Quality Made Easy

Providing superp quality at all times and having an open door for clients and employees often comes at a cost of other tasks important for the business’ success. To ensure that this won’t happen to you, you need to do something differently than everyone else. I will show you what.

Leadership & Change

Being a CxO does not happen overnight You grow into your role. To facilitate that, you need an honest, unbiased sparring partner. As you may know, the air is not only thin at the top, but it is often a lonely place.

This could be your company:

85% time saved...

... throgh smart processes, intelligently placed automations and KI.

From CxO to CEO...

... without stress knowing that there is a strong team.

Become Industry Leader...

... with flexible structure and strategic employee selection.

Reach your budgetary goals...

... through strategically and tractically clever, data-based decisons.

This is what you can expect:


Exclusive tips for immediate implementation

Together, we will take an unbiased look at your business. As we talk, you will obtain valuable insights, tips and principles that you can implement on the spot. For even more success.


Do more with less

Have you also booked yet another system or hired staff just to tie you over? It is a band-aid approach that is costly in the long run. By getting to the bottom of things and by building the right infrastructure for your business, we lay the foundation on which your company can grow sustainably. Without wasting valuable resources whether those are time, money or skill. NOT NEEDED



Enough of spending time troubleshooting and stepping into roles that aren’t yours!

Together, we ensure that your time is invested in tasks that help grow your business profitably while knowing that your company continues delivering high quality services or products.

Do you want to know how you can save time and money?

My Clients’ Voices

Shulamit has a very skilled eye for processes. She knows immediately where there might be challenges and provides a firework of optimization options during each strategy session. With her support, I have streamlined and simplyfied the processes in my Branding & Webdesign business.

Alexandra Schumann

CEO Divi-Lounge

Shulamit is amazing! Her Consultations, the solutions she delverd were and are fantastic.
Shulamit supported me in having clarity in processes. In additoin, she helped me have leadership in the development and expansion of my existing corporate architecture and to tackle things even better. A huge THANK YOU and clear recommendation!

Aaron Kübler

CEO at AKUB Consulting

Working with Shulamit is ourstanding. With Shulamit every project is moving along. In a sensitive yet determined manner, she ensures that all tasks are done efficiently meeting high quality standards. She is always there with great advice and hands on help. Shulamit is a "machine" in business.

Ibrahim Karakoc, Kickboxing Worldchampion

Kickbox Worldchampion

Shulamit, thank you so very much! For the first time, I dared to call for 10,000 Euros as remuneration for my services. The potential client told me that it is worth twice sas much. This is a quantum leap! I wouldn't have done it without you.

Katrin Holl

CEO at KH Medical Consulting