Thank you for being here to get to know me a bit better – professionally and privately.


From the beautiful South to the True North

The Black Forest is my homeland. Canada is my home.

Starting new in a foreign country came with a conscious decision that I wanted to integrate first. That included the workforce.

Hence, I discarded the idea of simply creating my own business.

Career as a Human Interface

In fact, I succeeded in a remarkable career as HR Business Analyst. In this role as strategic bridge(builder) for HR, I interacted with stakeholders at all levels.

The range of projects that i lead or participated in was wide. Likewise the variety of topics.

In this capracty, I create room for conversation and human connection. With my unique way of doing things, I differ from my colleagues ensuring that resources are used wisely to grow business and people. Do more with less using a fundamentally different approach.


Seize Opportunities

This attitude helped me obtain numerous certifications, allowed me to represent HR or certain business areas in working groups and committees, and led me to do translations and CV consulting for Germans on a part-time selfemployed basis.

I immensely enjoyed teaching “Respect in the Workplace” and learned even more about Diversity & Inclusion and Cultural Competency. This knowledge is integrated in my work as a business analyst and project manager and notice that this is rarely done.

With 18+ years of experience I know:

optimally designed processes are like the air a company breathes. Often we don’t realize they’re there, but when they’re gone, the company dies.

Equal Opportunities for Medium-Sized Companies

Especially as a Freelancer, I realized more and more often, that especially small to medium sized firms truly need business analytical support.Urgently.

However, hardly any company of this size can afford to hire a business analyst. Especially since initially only selective services are required.

It frustrated me that the benefits of a Business Analyst in your team seemd to be reserved for “the big guys”. They would then integrate exactly the efficiency and effectiveness that would give smaller companies a giant leap.

Yonit Consulting closes this gap! From one-off Consulting to longterm fractional COO services, I am offering exactly what you need.

You benefit from my experience, my expertise and my network so that your company grows sustainably.

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Between Tech und Tradition

… are synergies that I love to leverage!

Both, when working with our customers and in my free time. While I grew Yonit Consulting solely online over the past years, my family and Iare also running an organic farm. Down to earth and just like you envision the Canadian dream.

It grounds me and gives me the space to develop new ideas and find creative solutions to tricky challenges. Much to my customers’ delight!

Chamber of commerce
University of Alberta
Podcast Production School
Voice Technology